Replace your teeth with comfortable dentures

Dentures remain the go-to option for many people to replace their missing teeth. You can get a full or partial replacement for existing teeth.

Do I need dentures?

Dentures may be an option for partial replacement if you have a group of missing teeth. However, if you have multiple teeth that need to be removed, dentures can be a cost-effective replacement for all of your teeth.

If you need a full replacement of your existing teeth, Access Dental will need to remove your existing teeth. Your dentures will be crafted and ready to use two to three months after the removal of your teeth.

It is important to give yourself patience while you adjust to the dentures as it is a new feeling and speaking and eating will be different. Most patients adjust to the dentures within two to three months after they have been installed.

How do I care for my dentures?

When you remove them from your mouth, hold them over a folded towel so they have a soft landing if they fall. They are delicate and may break upon a hard surface.

When not in use always keep them in water or a cleaning solution so that they do not dry out. Never place them in hot water, as this will warp the shape.
Brush them daily to prevent staining, food buildup, and plaque from occurring.

If your teeth feel loose, visit Access Dental Centers. Do not attempt to fix or bend your prosthetics in any way as they can chip, crack, or break without professional handling.

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