Are dental implants right for me?

Losing teeth can be detrimental to your overall health. Not only can it degrade your appearance, but it can be painful, make it difficult to chew, and impact your speech. Worse, once a permanent tooth is lost, it is gone forever.

For centuries, people have tried to replace their missing teeth, sometimes with animal teeth, other human teeth, and even through organic materials such as wood or ivory. The most common way to replace teeth within the last one hundred years was to use dentures.

Dentures, either full or partial sets, can aid in replacing tooth loss and providing help with chewing or talking. They still come with their drawbacks, as they can be uncomfortable, and many users might not find them to be an adequate replacement for their natural teeth.
Fortunately, dental science has advanced to the point that lost teeth can be replaced with dental implants. Dental implants are seamless, feel like natural teeth, and are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of dental implants and help you make an informed decision if they are right for you.

The benefits are seamless

As we’ve explored, dental implants blend seamlessly in with your existing teeth. People will not be able to tell the difference between the implants and your natural teeth. Like your existing teeth, if you maintain a routine of dental care that includes, brushing, flossing, and regular exams with your dentist – they will provide a lifetime of usage for the wearer.

Also, you can replace as little as one tooth or as many as all your teeth. Much will depend on the conditions of your existing teeth. For best results, we want to do what we can to save your existing teeth and integrate the implants with them. This is not only desirable, but it is also more affordable to you.

Dental implants are the most seamless way to replace your teeth. Quite simply, you will be able to eat, talk, smile and do all the things you can do with your existing teeth.

Implants vs. Dentures

The goal of this blog is for you to help you make the best decisions for your health. That’s why we’ve included a handy chart of the pros and cons of both dentures and implants.


Pros Cons
Feel like your existing teeth Longer healing time
Do not slip – anchored to your jaw
Prevents jawbone deterioration
Only option to simulate an entire natural tooth
No damage to adjacent teeth


Pros Cons
Most affordable option Additional Maintenance
Easier to replace large amounts of teeth They can slip and may need to be repositioned
Can function like replacements for your teeth Jawbone may deteriorate

Am I the right candidate for dental implants

Anyone can be a candidate for dental implants. However, your jaw and gums must be healthy enough to undergo surgery. If your gums or jawbone are inflamed or infected, the infection will need to be removed before the dental implants can be fitted.

Assuming no infections are present, we will begin with a consultation and a complete dental examination to determine which teeth can be replaced with implants. We will also explore your medical history to minimize any health risks from surgery. Beyond that, the decision is up to you.

Do implants hurt

The dental implants will be grafted to your jawline during surgery. Although it is considered a surgery, we will do everything needed to ensure comfort during the procedure. Post-surgery, some swelling and discomfort is to be expected. However, this can be controlled by adhering to the aftercare procedure that we will provide to you when you leave our offices. Over-the-counter medications can also be used to minimize pain and discomfort as well.

After the initial surgery, we will fit the anchors of the implants with temporary teeth. These temporary teeth will be used for a period between six to eight months, while the surgical site heals, and the anchor is fully integrated into your jawline.

After that time, we will replace the temporary teeth with a permanent implant. These implants will last for decades to come with proper care.

Schedule your consultation with us today

If you have any questions regarding dental implants schedule an appointment with the dentists at Access Dental. We will examine your teeth, gums, and jawline and provide you with the next steps as well as answer any questions you may have about the process.

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